Knowing Love Is Near
The Players:
  - Cynthia Chitko – vocals, acoustic guitar
  - Peter Phippen - electric bass, antique boxwood flute, bamboo flutes, acoustic guitar
  - Ivar Lunde, Jr. - english horn
  - Jason Introwitz – conga, bongos, djembe, 
  - Al Melville – accordion
All songs by Cynthia Chitko ©2012 (BMI)
All lyrics by Cynthia Chitko ©2012 (BMI) except - Sharing This World
Produced by Peter Phippen, Cynthia Chitko, Ivar Lunde, Jr.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Ivar Lunde Jr.
Recorded at Skyline Studios, Eau Claire, WI
Concept by Cynthia Chitko and Peter Phippen
Arrangements by Cynthia Chitko, Peter Phippen and Ivar Lunde Jr. 
Photography and Art Design by Denise Zingg, Racine, WI
This album is dedicated with love to the memory of my father, George Bauer Jr. and my brother Ricky Bauer.