Dance With Me Mata Hari
Music and Lyrics by Cynthia Chitko ©1997
(1st Verse)
Last night I had a dream
I was dancing with Mata Hari
And when the morning light shone in on me
I felt her presence her spirit was reaching to me
Take my hand close your eyes
Come with me fantasize
Step into the air with me
We’ll dance around scantily
Blue skies are all around our shadows dancing
Upon the ground
An old dog barks at me
I do believe, I do believe, I do believe
In dancing free
Dance with me Mata Hari
Dance with me would you please
Dance with me Mata Hari
Would you dance with me
(Instrumental Break)
(2nd Verse)
Mata Hari holds the key
A magic dancer she moves right through me
I dance in flight most every night
And in her whispering voice she speaks unto me
(Repeat Bridge)
(Repeat Chorus)
Dance with me
Mata Hari, Mata Hari, Mata Hari, Mata Hari
Cynthia Chitko - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Peter Phippen - Fender Bass
Terrence Karn - Tabla Drums